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Brooke takes the time to find the right candidate for your positions.  We begin with a custom application that complements our extensive interview, designed to pinpoint exactly what our employees are looking for in an employer and in a position.  We carefully check professional references and perform background and drug testing if you require them.  All of our employees undergo a skills assessment in all major office applications and we offer a number of different tests should your position have specific application requirements.

Employing people costs money.  FICA, Medicare, unemployment, workers comp... The list is extensive.  And, hiring people takes time – screening resumes, interviewing, paperwork.   What if you can get all of that wrapped up in one easy package?  Well, that’s what Brooke provides.   We pre-screen, test, and reference candidates so that we can find employees who match your specifications.  We take care of all of their paperwork, we pay them and W-2 them at the end of the year.  Basically, you get a productive member of your team while we take care of the overhead.

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